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A Love Letter

A Love Letter

            Some years ago, there was a good boy but he didn’t have many friends. He only was alone just was accompanied by his family. But now he has grown to be a handsome boy. His name is Carlos. He is a good friend to every his friend. He has a best friend whose name is Rini. They always go to the school together. He also has many good friends. Like as Dwi, Tri, Catur, and others. Every afternoon he always helps her mother to clean their house.
            One day before the holiday comes at the morning Carlos gets up early. He has done it everyday. But he feels that he wants to meet Rini. Because he hasn’t done his homework. About five o’clock he goes to the Rini’s house, “Assalamu’alaikum, Rini!” Mother’s Rini who is in the garden answers, “Wa’alaikumsalam.” Carlos tells her his goal, “Can I meet Rini? I need to be helped her to finish my homework.” She answers again, “Yes, please wait a moment, I will call her.” She goes into the house and calls her child.
            Rini comes and talks to Carlos, “Hi, I’m sure that you haven’t done your homework, have you? This is my homework. Let’s do it quickly.” He is looked happy. He tells her, “Thanks, before six o’clock I will finish it.” Rini gets into her house and prepares everything to go to the school.
            That is a quarter past six they go to the school together. They use their bicycle. Some minutes later they have come to their school. “Hi, Carlos. Have you done your homework?” Dwi asks him. “Yes, just this morning I have finished it at Rini’s house.” He answers. “Well. May I see your answer?” Dwi asks again. Carlos doesn’t want to make Rini disappointment. He answers, “You may see my homework if Rani allows you to see it.” Dwi says, “Oh… that’s sound is bad. Let’s go to the class together.”
            They go to the class. On the class there are some of students are busy to do their homework, some ones are playing something, and some ones are talking about something each others. That are very noisy same as market. But they will be quiet if the bell has been ringed by the officer of school.
            The teacher comes to the class. He brings some of books to teach his students. “Have you all done your homework? If you haven’t done, you must get out and go to the library to do it until you have finished.” The atmosphere is quiet and frightening. No one talks. He commands that the books of homework must be put on his table. One by one walks to his table. After finishing it he teaches them.
            Two hours of lessons is too long time at that time and the second lesson is English. Everyone on the class must say everything in English. If there is not used it, he must stands up in front of the class until the lesson has finished. The third lesson is chemistry. They are very confusing at that lesson. But they don’t make it to by seriously. Some of them always make some trouble at that lesson. If the teacher fells not good, she will punish them. At the last lesson at that day is Indonesian language.
At that time, the teacher commands to make poetry. Some minutes later, Carlos is commanded him to go to the in front of the class and reads his working to his friends. Carlos reads it carefully,
“The best friend
Every time if I have some problems
Every time if I can’t solves them
Someone who is the best friend helps me
She is not clever
She is not ugly
But she is very good for me
She always helps me if I need her hands
If I’m sad, she will come to me
She will make a smile on my face
If I’m happy, she will remember me not to be more
She will tell me to see everyone who needs some our hands
She will tell me to pray to God
Because the God gives us sad, happy, rich, and others
Thank you.”
            Not long time before he sits down in his chair. One of his friends says, “Shi is Rini, isn’t her” the class is noisy again. The face of him changes to be red. He is smile when his friends say it again and again. But the teacher commands Rini to go in front of the class and must show her working. Rini says,
“A man in front of me
 I’m always alone
I’m a person who has many problems
I cannot solve them myself
I cannot go to the school alone
But a man is in front of me
He always starts everything to me
He always protects me
He always makes me be happy
Thanks God, gives me a good friend
This is very fun to me
I’m not alone again
I’m not afraid again if I go to the school and if go to every place with him
But I’ll be sad if he is sad
I’ll be happy if he is happy
I want to be his best friend”
After she says it, the lesson has finished and it’s time to go home.
            Except Carlos, every boy on the school likes Rini. Because she is beautiful. Not only shi is beauty but also she is clever. But if he has been beside her, no one can be beside them. Because he is an odd boy. He usually makes the atmosphere to be not good. He absolutely feels angry if someone comes to her and talks something that he always is hiding himself. But he doesn’t clever to hide. So his friends know it. They will feel that they must go away before the worse atmosphere.
            At that time Carlos and Rini go home together. They always talk each other until Rini’s house. He goes back to home. He takes a nap and the afternoon he cleans his floor. The time is very fast. The next day comes. He uses his old bicycle to Rini’s house.
            He is supposed that the house is quiet. There is not her mother who is cleaning her garden every morning. There is not a motorcycle that is used by Rini’s father to go to his office. There is not a bicycle that is used by Rini to go to the school with him. There is not a door that is opened to him. That is very odd to him.
            He walks to the door slowly. His heart is not good. He has come to in front of the door. He says greetings but there is not someone who answers. He sits down on a chair that is around him. He looks around. On the table he looks a letter. It is his name on it. He opens it. There is
“To Carlos
            Hi, I’m sure that you’re sitting down in front of my house and you have found my letter to you. Maybe I have arrived in new city that will be anew house for me when you’re reading this letter. Don’t be sad and don’t be crying. I don’t like you if you cry when you have finish to read this.
            I have known that you like me and maybe you have known that I like you too. With this letter if you’re still like me, may you send back to me letter that is a statement? It is a love statement to me. But if you don’t send back to me a letter. I’ll try to forget you. Because I feel that you’re a handsome boy. You can get a new friend easy. I just need a certainly statement that you like me. So send me a letter quickly.
            I think that’s all in my heart. I hope that you can write a letter to me. I’ll wait your letter. I’ve written a new address for you at the behind this.

            Carlos is fun and sad. He is fun because his love can be received by her. But he is sad because his love have gone to the new city. He thinks that he must get his love again. He will answer her question. He will send a love letter to her.
            He walks to his bicycle. He rides it to the school. He meets his clever student. He is Catur. He wants to know about how to make a letter. Catur tells him all. The first he must buy an envelope. The second Catur says, “You must have postage stamp. The third go to the post office and talk the officer how to write the address.”
            After bell has ringed that is the time to go back home. Carlos rides his bicycle to the post office. Some of his friends follow him. They are Tri and Catur. Tri wants to know why his friend talks to Catur how to make a letter and he wants to know what for does he write it.
            Suddenly bicycle that is ride by Carlos stopped. They ride their bicycle quickly. Near road they talk him, “Why do you stop?” He answers, “My tire I leak, and I don’t see a workshop around here. I have ever seen that is very far from here. But I must post this letter today.”
Tri and Catur decide to help him. They suggest using Tri’s bicycle. They help him to fix his bicycle. They will wait him at the workshop if he wants to take his bicycle. They go to the workshop with Catur’s bicycle and bring Carlo’s bicycle.
“Thank you, I don’t forget it” he rides again until the post office. Suddenly he looks a grandmother who wants to cross the road. He is a good boy. He doesn’t think anything. He thinks tat he must help her. He walks to her and helps her to cross the road. But he forgets something. It is very important. He has forgotten to lock his bicycle. After he has helped. He look someone rides his bicycle. He crosses the road and runs away to him.
He is very tired but is not his bicycle. He runs fast. Finally he meets Dwi. He is buying a toy car beside the road. Carlos calls him and orders him to ride his bicycle. He doesn’t know anything. He rides his bicycle. Carlos runs until him and tells him about his bicycle.
They follow the thief. Not long time later they get him and get again the bicycle. Dwi brings the thief with other person who is older than him to go to the police office. That time is half past three. A half o’clock again the post office will be closed. He rides again his bicycle. He looks the watch on his hand. He has lost ten minutes. He rides his bicycle to be faster. He prays to God on his heart to give him time to go to the post office.
Finally he has come to the post office. He enters the gate and stops on the bicycle parking lot. He looks his bicycle. He runs to the post building. He opens the door and walks to one of officers. He talks him how to send a mail. He gets everything ways to send. But he forgets to write his letter. Its ten minutes remaining that the post office will be closed. He writes,
“To Rini
            Hi, I have finished my journey to send a letter for you. I just now have lost much time to go to the post office. I get some problems. There are my tire is leak, a thief, and I have forgotten to write a letter before I post this.
            I’m very happy because I have known that you like me too. In this letter I just want to say. I LOVE YOU, WOULD YOU BE MY GIRLFRIEND? Would you be my lovely girlfriend? Please answer my questions. Much word in my heart that is very difficult to say and to write. But I like you. I miss you.
            I’m sorry because I write this so short. Because the office will be closed five minutes again. So, I must write this letter quickly. You’re always in my heart and are queen in my heart. I’m waiting your letter.

            He picks up an envelope and walks to the officer then he gives it to him. But he says that the officer will leave soon. He is told to run away and he must meet someone who rides an orange motorcycle on the parking lot. He takes a paper from the officer and runs until someone on the parking lot.
            “Hi, please don’t leave! Don’t leave! Wait! You haven’t brought this letter. Please wait me!” Finally, the officer can hear the sound of Carlos. He stops his motorcycle and waits him. He gets a new good to send a new place on the new city. Then after he gets Carlo’s letter he goes to work. Carlos goes to the bicycle parking lot and unlocks his bicycle. He rides his bicycle.
            He goes to the workshop and meets Tri and Catur. He takes his old bicycle. He tells them all. He tells his feeling when he has sent his letter. He is very happy at that time. He goes to back home that afternoon.
            At the home his mother is looked angry to him. She tells him if every time for playing must change clothes and if he wants to go someplace, he must get a license from her. About one hour she is still angry. He tells his father. His father tells him, “Your mother is still angry because she is very afraid if you get some problems, you can’t solve it. So, she is very angry now. I will help you to decrease his level angry. But you must apologize then pray to God for getting her forgiving.” Father meets mother and tries to tell her to control his emotion. He has suggested their son that he must apologize to her. She is smile when Carlos comes her. Carlos apologies and doesn’t make his mother to be afraid again.
            One week later, Carlos gets a letter from Rini. She tells him that she wants be his girlfriend. She wants be his lovely girlfriend. Since that time, they always connect by letter.

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