Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A STORY-A New Hope for Beginning a New Life

Hi. Guy’s. I’m mysterious boy. If you know me, you’ll think that I’m odd boy, dangerous boy, etc. I’m always alone to do something. I feel that my general friends and I are different. To example: when the teacher gives test for us, I do it alone. If I can’t answer it, I won’t fill it. But my friends will ask each others. I write this because I must change my life. I must be better than last.
A new hope has come to my life. I’m not alone again. This story begins when I was a student of the lower secondary school. I write everything in my mind. I hope that you can understand this.
            A new day that the first day to go to the lower secondary school in Karanganyar Kebumen had come for me. At that morning I woke up with a new spirit. When I was a student in lower secondary school, I was a diligent boy.  When I woke up at that time, it was time before the sun raised. Everyday I could pray to God on time.
            At that morning I woke up early. I wanted to go to the school early because it was the first day that I got new school. I went to the school by bicycle. While I looked the scenery at that morning by bicycle, I felt that my body be touched by the cold air. It made my body to be fresh.
            Some minutes later I came to the school. I ride my bicycle to the parking lot of bicycle. After doing it, I went to my class. I saw a new fresh faces. They had filled the class. There was empty chair. I saw a boy in beside it. I walked until in front of him.
“Hi! How do you do?” I said.
“How do you do?” He answered.
“Today is a nice day, isn’t it? Well… my name is Riky. What is your name?” I asked him.
“Yeah! You’re right. My name is Anton. Do you like football?” He said.
“I like it very much. But I don’t have a good stamina, so I’m always quickly to be tired.” I answered him.
Ten minutes later we could be friend.
            He was approved on this school with his friends. At that day he introduced me to his friends. I got some new friends at that day. For example: Anton (He lived at Sruweng), same as Anton, Edi, Eko, and Ciko, they lived at Sruweng too, Kiko (He lived at Karanganyar), and a special friend for me is Jun. Jun lived in Kemit. His house was farthest of all.
            After the bell had been rung that was time to go home we would plan to play something on the next day. At that time we were riding our bicycle. We ride our bicycle liked as the riders of motoGP.
            Day after day we always played together. At that time I say a beautiful girl. Sometimes I always remembered her when I was alone. So, I told Jun. He was a special friend for me. He always suggested what must be done. If he told me to give her flowers, I would do it. Every word from his mouth always was done by me. So, after one month I could be her boyfriend. I liked her very much. I liked Jun too because he helped me to get her.
            Long days were felt short. We always enjoyed the days. Someday we were in one of my friend’s house. We would plan to explore at night at “Persami”. We would explore for fun and for proof who was the mom’s child. At afternoon, all of students had to come together in school.
            After coming together we started “Persami”. The first activity was the opening of ceremony. At that time I was standing up in the first row. Because I was the leader. Some minutes my friends and I must stand up. Uh. I was tired. But not long time later the ceremony had finished. We prayed to God together. The boys wore “sarung” and the girls wore “mukena”.
            Before praying to God I met my girlfriend to treat my heart. I wanted to know how about her. I talked her about something that made me to be better than last. I asked her about the ceremony, what did she bring, was she tired, was she boring, and told her about our plan. She was surprised after hearing. She suggested me to do not it. But I made agreement with her. If I didn’t come at 03.00 am or 05.00 am, she could tell everyone. She could tell the teachers. But before its 05.00 am, she couldn’t tell anyone.
            After praying to God, some of us had to come to the around of woods that were made circle. I was one of them. So, I had to go out from mosque and leave my girlfriend.  We would study to bring dasadarma’s fire. I got number nine. We tried it sometimes. Finally we could do it.
            About eight o’clock, all students had to come together around the woods. We would follow the activiting that time. The time of my friend and I who had tried sometime had come. The leader walked fast so it made me to be faster. The time to say dasadarma. The leader, “The ten duties of Indonesian Boy Scouts. The first boy scouts is takwa kepada Tuhan Yang Maha Esa.” The second scout said,” Second, cinta alam dan sesama manusia.” And finally we could finish it.
            After we did it, se came back to our place. I could joke with my friends and my lovely girlfriend. At that time we had to hear who was spelling in front of us. He was a teacher. He was talking about the functions of the fire at night. It could protect us fro the wild animal. After he speeched we were very sleepy but we had to follow the activating again. It was a showing to show our ability to entertain the other persons. We were surprised when our class got the third turn. Because, we had not prepared what must be showed by us. Every eyes of each students of my class looked at me. I felt afraid. But, the turn of us would come. I was very confusing at that time. My friends were looked frustration. Some of them were doing something to make some moving to do. But, there were also who made something that it could make other to be more afraid than the others. That condition was not very able to be controlled by me. In my mind, I couldn’t make this to be calm. I needed some of my friends who were understanding this situation. So, I made a small group that consisted of Jun, Anton, Edi, Eko, and Liko. I couldn’t make my lovely girlfriend to be members of this group. Because she wasn’t one of the students of my class. Well I made this group to break our problems. The first must to do was to make calm too all of my friend class. The second, we must make a group of music and dance. It very helped me to show the performance of our class. Not long time later, we would have finished it. But, our turn had been called by the master of ceremony. And finally we could show our performance. We were very happy after showing if.
            After this activity, we would go to the bad. But that night we must sleep in the classroom. It was very cold. My body was tired. Next, we slept together. About one o’clock, I was wake up by my friends. I started to remember that it was time to explore our school and the areas around it.
            My little group had started. We walked together, we went our from school. When we were on the gate, we saw that someone protected it. He was sitting down on his chair. We walked to the eats, that way was light but after ten minutes we walked, we entered a place that was very dark. Only light of moon that could help us to see the way.
            My heart was looked like to be going to fall. Jun was my best friend. He walked in front of us. He said that now about we should explore the old house in the centre of the dark night at that time. Well we were thinking if we didn’t do it, we would be mom’s child. We were frightening but Jun walked in front of us until we come in front of the gate house.
            Ngik...ngik...ngik...That sound disturbed me, I looked around us, and I hadn’t found the source of that sound. I asked to Jun, He answered me that window, I just felt something worong. That night we were together, we must protect our group. We walked slowly because we were very afraid.
            Until at the door of the house, Jun who was brave opened the door. His hand would hold on the door but the door was opened itself. Two boys who were behind me were very afraid. They held on my arms. Their hands were felt very cold. I wanted to say that we must stop this to Jun. But he walked alone, so I followed him, I did not want only himself who finished our scary journey.
            I looked my hand phone, it was half past two. I felt that we had lost much time but that moment was very slowly. A boy was walked beside me always made something joke. I thought that he wanted to help my two friends and me to be brave. He didn’t help. We were still afraid.
            We were walking until upstairs. Jun was smile and said that we were very afraid. I couldn’t answer him. My heart was much uncontrolled. We were still walking. Suddenly, Jun stooped. His foots were fallen by the upstairs. Because the upstairs that woods made by wood had been very brittle. Finally we were fallen together to under upstairs. That was very dark. We were standing up and trying to say that we needed helping from someone who was outside.
            Same minutes later we felt very uncontrol. Jun who was the leader felt that we never got helping from outside. That was time to sleep. I was very quiet. Tik...tik...tik... The sound of o’clock was heard very clear on our ears.
            But same of sounds made our to be more afraid. They were krek...krek..krek..
jleg..kreek..jreg..Dr..Auuuu..Au…guk..guk! Or wush…That were very quet, noone of us were talking each other. But, a boy was crying, Jun was trying to give him spirit and to stop him to cry. But two boys beside me said that it was Jun's fault. They were very angry to Jun. This wasn’t liked by me. I wanted to stop their mouth. But now I was very afraid because there were some things that made me to feel different. Something was wrong. I just only felt that I would fall. Because there was an earthquake or that was true. I wanted to say it but I saw that they were enjoying their emotion. Two boys were very angry, a boy was crying, and Jun was a victim. With all my ability I said, “We must be calm. Everyone must be quiet. Do you know that this house is shaking?” It made everyone to be quiet. Jun was quiet. Two boys were nervous. A boy still was crying and saying, “I want to go back to school. I will do everything that is commanded by the teacher.”
            We were worrying because this was an old house. Something was big had fallen and made us to be not able to go out. Two boys were crazier. They were saying, “We must die, we absolutely are going to die. We must be going to be here forever, no one knows us, and we will die.” Jun was looked different. He came to me and talked to me. I just heard him. He said, “May I hit them? I have been boring to hear their words.” Some seconds later, He could not say anything. Because I said, “we are friend, don’t do it”.
            “Look! Look! The earthquake has finished.” A boy who was crying said it. He didn’t cry again. He just was quiet again. He looked me and thought something. He was very calm now. He was sitting on floor and Jun was beside him. The two boys were happy. They didn’t do anything that could make us to be worried.
            Suddenly, I got a short message service. My hand phone had ringed. I took it and read it. My girlfriend asked me about did I get problems or was I fine after the earthquake. I wanted to reply. But I looked everyone. They were smile to me. I was confusing. Jun said to me that we were still life. They ordered me to tell my girlfriend to help us. They commanded her to source some persons or teachers to come to the old house that was on the centre dark. So, I wrote their words and hoped her very much.
            After I sent it. We were apologizing and forgiving each others because we had made many faults. We were very free. We just had to wait someone whom would help us. Jun asked me why I didn’t cell him that I brought my hand phone. With smile I answered, “I FORGOT IT”. We were smile again and were laugh too.
            Not long time later, someone had come to the old house. He was looked big man. He was strong because I saw that he was bringing a big rope. He threw it to us. I was still thinking who he was. But my friends went out with the it. Jun slapped me and he let me to go up. Finally we could go out.
            After I went out, I was very shocked by him. He was our headmaster. I was very sad to imagine that we would get the punish that was very frightening. We were standing up in front of him. We were quiet and while we were looking him whom was pulling his rope.
            Some minutes later he commanded us to bring his rope. We did it. He walked to the school. We were behind him until school. There was looked dark. But we were still walking. After we came to school. He commanded us to lay the rope and go to the class to sleep. We did his commanding again.
            We felt happy at that time but until we came to our class. The other friends looked at us. One of them walked to us and he asked, “Where did you go?” I wanted to answer but Jun had said first that we had gone out to the some places that were very dark. He told them our journey at that time. Three of my friends accompanied Jun when he was telling them. I just went to the some chairs in front of me and made them to be bed. I slept on the chairs that time. I was very tired.
            At the morning we had to come to the school field to ceremony about eight o’clock. We were very fresh. We had gotten full energy to do everything. After ceremony had finished. Three of my friends, Jun, and I were called by the headmaster to stand up beside him. He told to every student to don’t follow us. Some seconds later, I couldn’t be still get free. I hoped that I wanted to be usual boy. My mind was flying to be something that was felt happy by me to forget the ceremony. I was very boring to hear everything that was said by the headmaster.
            Not only got the speech of the headmaster on the ceremony but also we were punished by him to push up. We had to do it in every post on that day’s activity. There were twenty places that had been invited by us. The last place was our school huff…. That was very hurt and badly for me. But it was suitable punishment to us. Finally we could finish it and go back home.

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